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Back Up Your Photos with Picasa

How to Back Up Your Photos with Picasa

Helpful Resources, Photography, Safety

2 Comments 08 November 2010

In Part 2 of our Back It Up Series, ConTrav explains how to keep your digital photos safely backed up to the Google cloud using Picasa.

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Back It Up!

Back It Up!


0 Comments 08 November 2010

This Connected Traveling series covers the art of backing up all things digital. From photos and videos to audio recordings and typed...

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Travel Medical Insurance

Health Insurance While Traveling

Finance, Safety

2 Comments 06 September 2010

Because health care outside of America is so much cheaper, medical insurance that covers you while outside of your home country is...

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Benefits of Traveling with a Cellphone

Should I Travel With a Cell Phone?

Mobile, Safety

0 Comments 03 September 2010

Cyclones, lost luggage, lost friends, remember your parents… Now, why in the world would you need a cell phone while traveling?...

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How to Back Up Your (non-photo) Files with Dropbox

Helpful Resources, Safety

0 Comments 04 February 2010

In part three of our series on keeping your photos, videos, and other files safe while traveling, we walk you through Connected Traveling’s...

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