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Welcome to Connected Traveling

Why we created this website and how it will help you travel smarter!

Welcome to Connected Traveling
0 Comments 02 February 2011

In January 2009 I left my friends, family, job and New York City apartment to travel the world for what would turn out to be the next (and best) 14 months of my life. I spent months doing research for the trip and found it surprisingly difficult to get the answers I was looking for. I found dozens of travel websites that were unfocused and cluttered with features I didn’t need. After all, I already had my own means of finding cheap flights online, no shortage of destination specific guides, and little interest in digging through years of archived travel forums.  Also, while I love a good travel blog, reading about a particular person’s life changing adventure in Africa isn’t going to get you any closer to finding great medical insurance or local currency when you need it.

In the end I did the legwork.  I called the travel gurus I knew, Googled till my fingers ached, and read through one forum thread after another until I felt my brain leaking out of my ears, all the while thinking, “man, there’s got to be an easier way.”  After 14 months of travel, trial, and error, I now find myself laden with all kinds of tips, tricks, and techniques on everything from pulling up a map of the hillside when you get lost to ensuring that your jaw dropping photos aren’t lost forever if your bag gets stolen.

This website is our way of sharing that information with the travelers who need it.  This is a time saver;  a connected traveling resource that will teach you things you didn’t even know you needed.

Connected Traveling will teach you about photography, using social networks to your advantage while abroad, the best travel gear, traveler finance, travel cell phones and more.  Of course your travel experience can be wasted if you’re too connected, so it’s also good to unplug every once in awhile.

But we’ll go over that. And a lot more! So register now to take full advantage of Connected Traveling and check out our featured articles that will help you become your very own Travel Guru!

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