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Cell Shopping on the Go

How to Choose a Travel Cell Phone

Gear, Mobile

0 Comments 01 April 2011

So many choices, too little time! This can be said about most things in life these days but it is no more a truism than when looking...

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Keep it While Traveling

How to Keep Fit while Traveling

Travel Lifestyle

2 Comments 11 November 2010

So, you’re on the road and your personal trainer is back home… what now? Connected Traveling can offer some insight! Calisthenics,...

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Exchange Rates Explained

Exchange Rates Explained


0 Comments 11 November 2010

Most people know what an exchange rate is; travelers know better, and economists know best. But the concept can be tricky.

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Back Up Your Photos with Picasa

How to Back Up Your Photos with Picasa

Helpful Resources, Photography, Safety

2 Comments 08 November 2010

In Part 2 of our Back It Up Series, ConTrav explains how to keep your digital photos safely backed up to the Google cloud using Picasa.

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