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ShareFile As A Storage Alternative

0 Comments 17 June 2013

In a recent series on backing up valuable data while traveling, we touched on the many uses of the popular program Dropbox for storing digital files safely without relying on devices. To recap, the basic concept is fairly simple: by saving data (digital journals, video files, etc.) to a Dropbox folder instead of simply to a computer, smart phone or tablet, you eliminate the risk of losing this data altogether in the event that your electronic devices are lost, stolen or damaged during your trip.

However, there are many alternatives that offer similar services suited to different specific needs, and if Dropbox isn’t the right fit for you, you may want to look into one such alternative. For example, while Dropbox is very popular and often appropriate for individual needs, many people who are employees of businesses that heavily utilize the Internet find ShareFile to be a more appropriate alternative. Here are a few words on why.

Why Seek An Alternative?
The problem, as noted by Silicon Angle, is one we’ve seen before with new instant messaging and social media sites. With a private service like Dropbox in place for employees, companies become exposed to potential security risks. Employees may save company-related data in these programs. For this reason, many enterprises and businesses have sought their own cloud storage style solutions, to allow similar services within their own IT departments.

Is ShareFile An Appropriate Alternative?
In a word, yes, although as an employee it may not be entirely up to you which service your business chooses to go with. The bottom line is, ShareFile can operate within a company’s existing Internet security protocols, while still providing employees with personal use of cloud storage. With mobile capability, easy implementation, automatic software updates and highly regarded customer service, ShareFile serves as a highly functional cloud storage and file sharing option for employees working for companies with security concerns about independent cloud services.

Will You Use It When Traveling?
Getting back to the core issue, ShareFile can indeed be useful while traveling. While you may not immediately consider the idea of storing digital photo files on a company-based cloud server, that server may be readily available to you anyway. Furthermore, if you are traveling for business, or conducting any sort of work-related activity while abroad, having ShareFile available on your mobile devices can provide you with the same valuable backup previously discussed, within a provider trusted by your business. This makes traveling for work (or just working while traveling) a great deal simpler.

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